Robo Mover

000 a trailer mover 1Simple to operate, park and hitch your trailer by remote control
Ever struggled to park or hitch your trailer? – Never struggle again!
For Travel Trailers, boat trailers, horseboxes, cargo trailers, utility trailers etc..

The Robo-Mover remote control trailer mover comprises of a system of motors which engage onto the tires of your trailer so it can be moved by remote control.

Ideal for situations when reversing or positioning your trailer is difficult, such as onto a driveway or campground. The Robo-Mover also makes hitching your trailer easy. You can now move your trailer to the truck rather than struggle trying to reverse.

The Robo-Mover will move your trailer forwards, backwards and turn it left or right. You can even rotate a single axle trailer 360°!

The motors are permanently mounted to the chassis of your trailer; the motors engage onto the tires by simply winding the motors onto the tires with the crank handle.

The Robo-Mover model is suitable for single or tandem axle trailers with a maximum weight of 5000 lbs, for tandem axle trailers over 5000 lbs, see the Robo-Mover 2.

Excellent Quality

Aluminum rollers that are friendly to tires
Optimum compact design gives excellent ground clearance
Easy to Operate

Engage and disengage the roller by easy winding mechanism
Color indication label to ensure correct engagement of rollers
Cross Actuation kit enables simultaneous engagement and disengagement of both rollers on either side of the mover
Soft Start & Soft Stop capabilities for smooth operation
Two-way communication remote control technology
Safe and Reliable

Will not roll forwards or backwards independently on a gradient
Trailer will stop if out of range or if any malfunction
Optional Extra:

Robo-Mover Caster Wheel – Recommended when using the Robo-Mover remote control trailer mover. With metal wheels with solid rubber tires it moves over all surfaces with ease. Available for 2” hitches.

Technical Specifications
Model Robo-Mover
Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC
Average Current Consumption 20 Ampere
Maximum Current Consumption 100 Ampere
Speed approx. 13cm per sec.
Weight approx. 89 lbs
Permissible Overall Weight 5000 lbs
Permissible Overall Weight on 15% Gradient 3960 lbs
Minimum Width (trailer) 71″
Maximum Width (trailer) 99″
Maximum Tyre Width 8″
Power Source (deep cycle battery) 12V 105Ah (recommended), 12V 85Ah (minimum)