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Iron Man Power Washers Gave Me a Great Start!

Destiny Wiley

Iron Man Power Washers is the way to success


Do you see yourself as a small business owner? Well I do, and I finally achieved it with the help of Iron Man Power Washers. In fact I received my trailer today and I can honestly say it is exactly what I had expected. I will definitely recommend this company to any one looking to start a business. I am only 21 years old and I can proudly say, "I AM MY OWN BOSS"! Thank you, Iron Man power Washers.

Milton Rios
Sunshine State Pressure Wash

Iron Man Power Washers Helped Me Get My Business Off to a Good Start!

Repossessed pressure washer trailer soldIron man power washers help me pick the right size startup kit to jumpstart my business as quickly as possible. The owner Arrie is very knowledgeable of power washers and how they operate and is willing to share information with you to better your company. I recommend all first time power washer owners seriously consider working with Arrie Iron Man power washers.Also, I look forward to working with him in the future.

Ellenwood, GA

Iron Man Power Washer helped us Greatly!!

I would Like to Thank Arrie from Iron Man for helping us get our business started.I called Arrie explained our situation and filled out a credit application,Arrie called me back and said we were approved.Three weeks later Arrie delivered our trailer & showed us how it worked.We are making our last and final payment in May 2015 and ordering our second trailer with Iron Man,If your looking for a good honest company,Call Arrie at Iron Man Power Washers!

West Palm Beach, FLTodd's pressure washer trailer


dan surface cleaning verandas.jpg

Ironman Power Wash Company has changed our lives. In a bad economy Mr. Arrie made it easy to take our Pressure Wash Company to the next level. With his state of the art Hot water mobile Pressure Washing Unit he made it easy to make payment to own our own equipment in a hassle free way, Friendly and knowledgeable way!
I would recommend Ironman Power Washing if you are serious about being your own Boss and creating an attractive and professional business.

Thank You Iron Man power Wash, we are on our way to be Billionaires cleaning up one property at a time !!

Check out our page to see some of the Amazing services that we are able to provide Thanks to IRONMAN POWER WASHING !!


Honest great people to do business with


For years I had been wanting to explore other ways of income besides the lawn care business. Customers would often ask "Can you recommend someone that could pressure wash our home". So after lots of research on the internet I came across Arrie at Iron Man Power Washers, not knowing exactly what I needed to do the work he suggested several options. After agreeing on a setup & being approved (very simple & quick procedure) I sent my down payment and he went to work on my building my trailer mount unit. Once it was completed he delivered it right to our home. When he brought my unit he took the time in the snow to show me how to operate the unit being new to the pressure washing world. I felt confident when he left. So for anyone considering purchasing equipment on his rent to own program don't hesitate to go with Iron Man Power Washers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns 803-200-3983 Paul.

"Good People sometimes have Bad Credit"

2014-07-03 14.04.52.jpg

When the idea came to me to create a no credit check rent to own program I was actually working for someone else selling pressure washers. I would come across so many pressure washing contractors, or individuals who were trying to get into the industry that needed to buy new equipment. The vast majority of them submitted a credit application and were turned down.
Having been in the pressure washing business for over 20 years, I could relate to these people. There was a time I had bad credit and needed new equipment and could not afford it or get it financed.
So, I made up my mind that as soon as I started selling for myself and got the opportunity, I would start a program to help "Good People that have Bad Credit".
It was not easy to convince a finance company to loan money to customers that lack a good credit history, but after searching for about two years I finally found one.
The interest is higher than I would have liked, but it is reasonable. It is the same rates some pay for their credit cards. To compensate, however, I provide the lowest rate possible to take some of the sting out of the rate. And it has worked. The price my customers pay with interest is not too much more that what other similar units cost without the interest. Additionally, there is the option to pay the equipment off early with no penalty.
It is really a blessing from God that I am able to help people change their lives by starting or improving their business and provide for their families. I have been taken advantage of a couple of times. But no evil that is done to me can take away the joy I feel when I, as one customer put it, "You're helping people's dreams come true".
The best part of this business, though is meeting and helping people and the fact that most of my customers also become my good friends.

Arrie Parker

Iron Man Power Washers gave my business a GREAT start!

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