Force Field Nano Shield Prevents Mold for Up To 15 Years

Force Field Nano Shield 


Product Description

Force Field Nano Shield the only nano sealant that seals masonry products and a variety of other construction materials for up to 15 years. Force Field Nano Shield is effective on all masonry products, asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, Hardiplank, awnings, fabric and more. Force Field Nano Shield can also be used on painted and stucco surfaces. Force Field Nano Shield is an economical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, odorless solution that penetrates into the surface of various construction materials to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface of the product while allowing it to retain its breathability. These properties help the treated material to reduce dust, protect against efflorescence, and lower the maintenance of the surface. Force Field Nano Shield is VOC compliant, non-flammable and has odorless formula for safe indoor use. Sealer provides excellent non-slip, high traction properties, resulting in a safe floor surface. Field Nano Shield also has a clear appearance. Upon proper allocation, the substrate will have little, or no, noticeable change in appearance when dry.

Recommended Uses

Force Field Nano Shield was originally developed for commercial and industrial applications and is widely used throughout Europe to this day for those applications. Iron Man Power Washers is now also making this professional grade sealer available in the USA to the residential market so contractors, applicators, and do-it-yourselfers can enjoy the same superior benefits that architects, engineers, and large contractors have enjoyed for years. Force Field Nano Shield is recommended for waterproofing, various construction materials such as all masonry products, asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, Hardiplank, awnings, fabric some wood products and more. Force Field Nano Shield effectively blocks out water in these products to prevent mold and mildew.


This product is does not work on all wood products. Always test Force Field Nano Shield in a small inconspicuous area to see if it is compatible for that particular.

Environmental and Regulatory

Force Field Nano Shield complies with EPA, FDA and OSHA strict requirements and contains no solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This product is considered a non-hazardous chemical under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR 1910.1200). Contact may cause skin or eye irritation. Using with adequate air ventilation, eye protection, and gloves is recommended.