Chemical Name 5 Gallon Price 55 Gallon Price
BioBarrier 77 720.5
Cirtrus X-terior Cleaner 29.4 0
Concrete Residuce Remover 66.1 600.6
Deck Wash 53.3 459.8
Deck Stripper/Roof Deck 40.6 320.1
Pro BRC 56.3 492.8
So Safe 210.4 (4) 10# bags/pail
Super Stripper 64.5 585.2
Wood Brightener 180 (4) 10# bags/pail

BioBarrier protects surfaces from harmful microorganisms that cause odor and mold growth. Upon initial contact with the surface, BioBarrier eliminates odors. Effective protection will last up to 36 months depending on the environment and frequency of exposure to water or moisture.
Preferred by Most Professionals

CITRUS X-terior CLEANER is formulated for exterior cleaning of vinyl, aluminum and wood siding. It is also very effective in cold or hot water, high pressure washing of mobile homes, RV’s, trucks, trailers, buildings, etc. C X C is also an excellent pre-spray for use on extremely difficult cleaning jobs and will clean engines, vinyl, white wall tires, stainless steel, floors, walls and counter tops. The corrosives inhibitors and water softeners in this product help prevent rusting of ferrous metals and scale build-up in heating coils. Best dilutions range from 1 to 5 parts cleaner to 50 parts water.
Preferred by Most Professionals

CONCRETE RESIDUE REMOVER is designed to safely remove residue from concrete forms, tools, scaffolding, equipment and trucks. Product does not contain Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric, Phosphoric, or Sulfuric Acids. This organic blend penetrates and dissolves concrete build-up and is formulated with corrosion inhibitors to prolong tool life.

DECK WASH is a high quality cleaner specially designed for cedar wood decks and other exposed wood surfaces. Quickly loosens and removes mold and mildew. For best results, it mixes 3 parts hot water with 1 part DECK WASH, allow mixture to penetrate on wood and rinse thoroughly with pressure washer.

DECK STRIPPER is formulated to penetrate and emulsify dirt, grease, oil, paint, and stain. This product is for use on wood and concrete surfaces. It will work in cold water and hot water, and rinses free at any temperature. The optimum cleaning dilution for most surfaces is between 1:2 and 1:4, when stripping paints, stains and sealers use at full strength. This product contains Sodium Hydroxide. Neutralize wood rinsing with WOOD BRIGHTENER Part No. 60770.

Pro B.R.C. (Building Restoration Cleaner) will clean with out damage when used as directed. It will work in cold water as well as hot. Can be used in hand pump or pressure washers. Follow label directions carefully and use required safety equipment. Contains Hydrochloric Acid.

SoSAFE is a high quality sodium percarbonate cleaner, specially designed for all wood decks, siding, fences and other exposed wood surfaces. For best results, thoroughly mix 1/4 cup SoSAFE per 1 gallon HOT water. (4)-10 lb. bags

SUPER STRIPPER is designed to clean asphalt, fiberglass shingles, wooden decks and wood fencing. This product should be mixed at a rate of 1 part chemical to 10 parts water, but can be mixed stronger if desired and application surface is tested. This product will work in cold water as well as hot water, and rinse free at any temperature. For use in hot pressure washers, apply to the surface at the rate of 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water. For use in cold pressure wash systems, use at the rate of 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water. This product contains Sodium Hydroxide. Neutralize wood after rinsing with WOOD BRIGHTENER, see below.

WOOD BRIGHTENER is a high quality neutralizer specially designed for all wood decks and other wood surfaces; additionally it can be used to remove rust stains on concrete or other hard surfaces. This product mixes four (4) pounds of cleaner per 5 gallons of water for best results. (4)-10 lb. bags