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arrie picOne of the reasons that I opened up a store front and started selling pressure washers and chemicals and repairing and building pressure washers is that I remember some of the difficulties I had when I first got started in the pressure washing business. I remember the countless times my rickety old pressure washer broke down in the middle of the night when I was on a job. It sometimes happened while I was out of town. A lot of times I would have to get a hotel room, get the machine repaired the next day, or patch it up and come back the next night to finish the job. That can be a real strain on the budget. Not to mention telling a client “I didn’t finish the job last night; my equipment broke down”. That surely builds confidence!

I was in those situations not because I didn’t have enough sense to get better equipment. I simply could not afford it. I had no credit and less money. I started selling pressure washers going on three years ago, and since I started, it has been a primary goal of mine to put in place a program to help good people with bad credit. I thought; “If Aaron’s can do it, so can I”. I have the same thing they have give or take a few billion dollars. After being laughed out of several banks and threatened to be put into a mental institution, I was finally able to secure a finance source. So, all a person has to do is verify address, income, references and character and they can get a brand new hot water trailer, fully equipped, for as little as $1200 down and $550 per month, for 12 months. The surprising thing is that since we build our own machines, the final price, after finance costs, is not too much higher that retail. If you are a good person with bad credit call me at 678-791-53441 or apply at http://ironmanpowerwasher.com/new-finance-program/

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